USB Data Cable Charger For Samsung Camera Series

  • USB Type A Male to USB Type Samsung SUC-C3 Type connection (Part ref :- CB20U05 / CB20U12, Compatible With SUC-C5/SUC-C7) -Fully moulded.
  • USB Association compliant.
  • USB 2.0, 1.1 Backwards Compatible.
  • A Data Sync & Charger cable for connecting compatible Samsung devices to a PC or Mac
  • Mofun 1 year warranty


1x USB Data & Charger Cable for Samsung SUC-U3(Compatible With SUC-C5/SUC-C7)



i8 i80

L100 L110 L120
L200 L201 L210
L310 L310W L313 L313W

M100 M110 M310 M310 W

NV4 NV9 NV30 NV33 NV40 NV103 NV106

P800 P1000 P1200

SL50 SL102 SL201 SL202 SL310 SL310W SL420 SL502 SL600 SL620

ST45 ST30ST50 ST60 ST70 ST500 ST5000

TL9 TL90 TL100 TL105 TL110 TL205 TL210 TL220 TL240

PL50 PL55 PL57 PL60 PL65 PL100 PL150

ES55 ES57 ES63 ES65 ES70 ES67 ES71

HZ10W HZ15W HZ30W WB500 WB550 WB600 WB5000

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