UES DSLR Digital Camera APS-C Frame (CCD/CMOS) Sensor Cleaning Swab Kit (Box of 12 X 16mm Swabs + 15ml Sensor Cleaner)

  • Exclusive product by UES for standard APS-C Frame Camera sensor
  • Non-alcoholic base water ensures minimum friction and static build up
  • Micrometer level fiber cloth absorbs and sweeps invisible particles
  • Super thin and flexible cleaning-tongue spread pressure evenly for safe and complete cleaning
  • Multi ingredients formula cleaner for smooth and effective Sensor cleaning

VSGO DDR-16 DSRL or SRL Digital Camera APS-C Frame Sensor Cleaning Swabs


• The patent cleaning swab has extremely soft head, no damage to your sensor.
• The head cover is made of super fine microfiber cloth which is soft to your sensor and hard to the dirt.
• The width of swab is 16mm which is compatible to APS-C Frame sensors.
• Each swab is packed in a vacuumed package ensure 100% dust free.
• The powerful cleaning liquids are specially formulated for digital camera sensor cleaning. It is 100% non-toxic and non-alcoholic formula. It dries quickly.
• The sensor cleaning liquids are stored in its unique designed leak-proof bottle to proof leakage during shipping.

Package Includes:

• Sensor cleaner 15ml x 1
• Sensor Swab 16mm X 12

Instruction for Achieving the Best Cleaning Result:

• Clean your camera at a bright and clean area.
• Set camera to sensor clean mode (make sure your camera’s battery is fully charged, otherwise the function is greyed out).
• Remove the lens.
• Use professional VSGO air blower to blast the dust from sensor.
• Remove the VSGO APS-C frame sensor cleaning swab form its vacuumed package and drip 1-2 drops of Cleaning Liquid on the head of the swab.
• Gently drag the swab from the left of sensor to right. Turn the swap around and drag the clean side from right of sensor to the left.
• Exit clean mode when cleaning finished. Turn off power and install lens. Keep camera in appropriative camera bag.

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