YONGNUO YN300 AIR Pro LED Camera Video Light For Canon Nikon + EACHSHOT® NP-F750 Battery And Charger

  • Comes with Battery and Charger as YN-300 Air Kit.

1.Adopts SMD LED as light source which provides soft light and wide illuminating angle,and it makes YN300 Air video light much suitable for filling light from a close distance.
2.YN300 Air adopts ultrahigh CRI LED.RA average value is greater than 95 and close to natural light,which restores the color of the subject perfectly.
3.YN300 Air supports using NP-F lithium battery or external 8V,5A DC power.
4.YN300 Air adopts LED constant-current driving technology which is specially developed for light supplement;light ripple,st-robing,jitter and other undesirable phenomena can be avoided during the shooting.
5.YN300 Air adopts encoder for digital dimming;it can be divided into coarse tuning mode and fine tuning mode;dimming result is accurate and reliable.
6.YN300 Air adopts LED digital grid display screen,which makes display result more stereoscopic and power output more intuitive.
7.YN300 Air is configured with handle special for LED video light.This special handle is firm and practical.  

Light source:96 LED beads
Color temperature:3200-5500K
Output power:18W
Luminance angle:110°
Color rendering index:Greater than to 95
Gift box size:210x175x62mm
Power supply:Alithium battery/the external 8V,5A DC power
Average service life:5000H

Package Included:
1 x YN300 Air Video Light 
1 x NP-F750 Battery 
1 x Charge

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YONGNUO YN EF 50mm f/1.8 AF Lens YN50 Aperture Auto Focus for Nikon Cameras With EACHSHOT Cleaning Cloth

  • For Nikon Camera.

Compatible with Nikon DSLR.
such as: d3100 d3200 d3300 D5100 D5200 d5300 D5500 D7000 D7100 D7200 D7300 D300 D500 D600 D700 D750 D800 D4s D810a 

View-angle Coverate    Diagonal: 46 Degree
View-angle Coverate    Vertical:    27 Degree
View-angle Coverate    Horizontal:    40 Degree
Lens Structure: 5 sets, 6 pieces
Minimum Aperture:    F/16
Minimum Focusing Distance    0.45m
Maximum Magnification and Sight Range: 0.15X / 160x240mm ( when the distance is 0.45m )
Filter Diameter / Auantity Available    58mm / 1
Maximum Diameter and Length 74*60mm
Weight: about 203g

Setting Focus Mode

In order to shoot in Auto Focus (AF) mode, please set the focus mode switch as AF.
In order to shoot in Manual Focus (MF) mode, please set the focus mode switch as MF and rotate the focusing ring to focus.

Depth of Field
The depth of field indicator on the lens indicates the general depth of field.
If the camera supports depth of field preview (the aperture reduces) function, the depth of field can be previewed from the view finder.

Trouble Shooting:
1.Manual focus has been adjusted to most clear but the image is till vague. Please tear the protective film before using; Please clean fingerprints and dirt on both ends of glasses.
2.Photos out of focus when using AF. Parts of high-end cameras supports focus fine-tuning function, please check if the fine-tuning value is set to 0.
3.When set as AF, the lens out of focus when half pressing. Please check if your camera is set to AF.

Package Including:
1 x Lens
1 x Front and Rear Lens Cap

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