Ewparts True Glass Rear Camera Lens + Camera Cover Ring + Repair Tools Kits Replacement for Samsung Galaxy S7 /S7 Edge (All Carriers) (Black)

  • Quality : 100% brand new ,real glass Lens , hard aluminum cover ring
  • Compatible with : Samsung Galaxy S7 G930 (USA); G930F (Global); G930FD (Southeast Asia) /S7 Edge G935A (AT&T); G935P (Sprint); G935V (Verizon); G935T (T-Mobile); G935R (US Cellular) (All Carriers)
  • Brief Instruction: Remove battery cover –old camera lend cover with camera lens –clean the camera back–install camera lens glass on camera cover –install camera lens cover with camera glass–install battery cover .
    DO NOT forget to remove protective plastic FILM from the lens to avoid blurry effect.
  • Tools : included Basic tools for repair phones
    Tweezers–pick & install camera glass & camera lens
    Thick /weak pry pad –to open the battery cover
    Screw Driver — Reinforce/remove the screws
    Suction Cup : can be use to remove battery cover / LCD assembly
    Pry stick : remove battery
    Ewparts Cleaning cloth : Our logo on it , can be used to clean your phone front glass
  • Locked antistatic bag with “EWPARTS” LOGO cloth and Professional “EWPARTS” Instruction Book in it

Tips to remove battery cover :

1. Use the heat air gun ( if you dont have heat air gun , you can use a Hairdryer) preheat the round of the back cover .
2. Use Suction Cup suck in the back cover .
3. Use Triangle paddle to tilt the edge of back cover.
4. Lift the suction cup , remove the back cover .

Package including :

1 x True glass lens
1 x Camera ring
2 x Blue pry openers
1 x Suction Cup
1 x Plastic triangular Paddle
1 x Cross Screwdriver (1.5 x 30mm)
1 x EWPARTS Instruction Book
1 x high quality tweezer
1 x EWPARTS clean cloth

PS :The Camera lens set Only Compatible With Samsung Galaxy S7 & Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge .

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