• Black In colour
  • The USB Cable is for image transfer from your camera to computer, this cable can be also used with the supplied wall charger to charge your battery
  • Suits: Olympus FE-4020, FE-4030, FE-4040, FE-5030, Mju 7040, Mju 7050, Mju 9010, Tough 3000, 6020, 8010, SP-100, SP-100EE, SP-620UZ, SP-720UZ, SP-800UZ, SP-810UZ, SZ-10, SZ-11, SZ-12, SZ-14, SZ-20, SZ-30MR, SZ-31MR, Stylus 5010 / 7030 / 7040, DZ-105, SH-1, SH-2, SH-21, SH-50, SH-60, SZ-16, SZ-17, TG-1, TG-3, TG-4, TG-310, TG-320, TG-610, TG-620, TG-805, TG-810, TG-820, TG-835, TG-850, TG-860, X-940, X-960, XZ-1, XZ-2, XZ-10 Digital Camera etc
  • 1 Meter length.

Also Works with Olympus model C170, C180, C480, C500 Zoom, C5500, C7000, C-170, C-180, C-480, C-500 Zoom, C-5500 SportZoom, C-7000, D425, D435, D545, D595 Zoom, D630 Zoom, D-425, D-435, D-545, D-595 Zoom, D-630 Zoom, E330, E410, E420, E500, E510, E520, E-330, E-410, E-420, E-500, E-510, E-520, EVolt E330, Evolt E410, Evolt E420, Evolt E500, Evolt E510, Evolt E520, EVolt E-330, Evolt E-410, Evolt E-420, Evolt E-500, Evolt E-510, Evolt E-520, FE120, FE130, FE140, FE200, FE5500, FE-120, FE-130, FE-140, FE-200, FE-5500, mjµ40, mjµ500, mjµ600, mjµ700, mjµ710, mjµ720, mjµ725 sw, mjµ730, mjµ740, mjµ750, mju760, mju770 sw, mju780, mju790 sw, mjµ800, mjµ810, mju820, mju830, mju840, mju850, mjµ1000, mjµ1010, mjµ1020, mjµ1030 sw, mjµ1040, mjµ1050 sw, mjµ1060 sw, mju1200, mju6000, mju7000, mju8000, mju9000, mjµ Mini Digital, mjµ Mini S Digital, mjµ-40, mjµ-500, mjµ-600, mjµ-700, mjµ-710, mjµ-720, mjµ-725 sw, mjµ-730, mjµ-740, mjµ-750, mju-760, mju-770 sw, mju-780, mju-790 sw, mjµ-800, mjµ-810, mju-820, mju-830, mju-840, mju-850, mjµ-1000, mjµ-1010, mjµ-1020, mjµ-1030 sw, mjµ-1040, mjµ-1050 sw, mju-1200, mju-6000, mju-7000, mju-8000, mju-9000, SP310, SP320, SP350, SP500UZ, SP510UZ, SP550UZ, SP560UZ, SP565UZ, SP570UZ, SP590UZ, SP700, SP310, SP320, SP350, SP500UZ, SP510UZ, SP550UZ, SP560UZ, SP565UZ, SP570UZ, SP590UZ, SP700, SP-310, SP-320, SP-350, SP-500UZ, SP-510UZ, SP-550UZ, SP-560UZ, SP-565UZ, SP-570UZ, SP-590UZ, SP-700, Stylus 500, Stylus 550 wp, Stylus 600, Stylus 700, Stylus 710, Stylus 720 SW, stylus 725 SW, Stylus 730, Stylus 740, Stylus 750, Stylus 760, Stylus 770 SW, Stylus 780 SW, Stylus 790 SW, Stylus 800, Stylus 810, Stylus 820, Stylus 830, Stylus 850, Stylus 1000, Stylus 1010, Stylus 1020, Stylus 1030 sw, Stylus 1040, Stylus 1050 sw, Stylus 7000, Stylus 9000, Stylus Tough 6000, Stylus Tough 8000, Stylus Verve and Stylus Verve

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