NiSi 100X100mm Square Neutral Density Filter,IR ND1000(3.0),ND 10 Stops,same to LEE Big Stopper,Optical Glass 52mm,55mm,58mm,62mm,67mm,72mm,77mm,82mm lens,compatible with Lee Cokin Hitech Singh-Ray

  • Can be used for Canon 16-35,Canon 24-70,Nikon 24-70,NiKon 70-200 and other 52mm,55mm,58mm,62mm,67mm,72mm,77mm,82mm lens,compatible with Lee Cokin Hitech Singh-Ray and other brand holder
  • NiSi ND filter selects high quality neutral density glass and with precision polishing on both sides to make sure there is low color shift and high definition. The color of Resin material ND filter is easy to fade and there will be color shift. Moreover, resin material ND filter can’t reach HD standard.
  • The raw material of NiSi ND filter has been through a lot of tests. Firstly we will test the spectrum of each batch of material with Japan Shimadzu Spectrometer UV-2600.and we will shoot pictures using the samples. After being sure there is no color shift, Then we will make mass production.Moreover, we will test if the glass is HD or not with large-dimension substrate identification test equipment from Military Optical Instrument Company.
  • Nano attenuation coating,Water&oil repellent coating,Ultra low color shift,Ultra low reflection
  • For NiSi square ND filters , there are not only AR coating on the surface. We also added the anti-leaking sponge which is made from Japan fire-proof foam.The frame of NISI round ND filters is ultra slim which is only 3.5mm thickness. There will be without vignetting when shooting with the wide angle lens.

NiSi’s patented IR ND Filters adopts environmental lens-standard optical glass(H-K9L). Each piece of glass is coarse grinded, accurate grinded and polished on both sides. These are double sides NANO optical attenuatin coating and water & oil repellent coating. The transinittance curve is more flat from visible light to near infrared light to ensure ultra low color cast. The edge of the glass is black rimmed. The ultra bow reflection on the furface can eliminate glare. The anti-leaking sponge is made from fire-proof foam. IR ND filters will bring a new experience to the photographers. All filters fits you Lee Filter holder, Nisi 100mm Filter Holder System, Cokin Pro-Z Filter System and Haida 100mm Filter Holder System. The filters are all nano coated to stop water from sticking to them. We are official distributors for NiSi Digital in the UK. Visit our website for our full product range from NiSi. We are on facebook: please give us a like at

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