5 Star Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Soft Optical Quality for Screens Cameras and CDs White

  • 2 year warranty on all toners
  • Cartridges comply with the requirements of Europes
  • Cartridges are manufactured within locations accre
  • Toner cartridge outer packaging is made from 70 re
  • 2 year warranty on all toners5 Star remanufactured
  • Soft optical quality microfibre cloth, ideal for screens, PDAs, digital cameras and CDs

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Hama Star 62 Tripod with Carry Case

  • For shake-free photos and stability on uneven ground
  • suitable for photo and video cameras up to 4000g
  • 3-way head with quick release plate
  • With crank for continuous height adjustment of the centre column

With the huge zoom ranges on modern cameras, comes the problem of keeping the image steady. So many shots and movies are spoilt by shake and camera movement, and yet if a support is to be used, it needs to be TALL enough to be usable at standing height, and then fold small enough to be lightweight and portable – otherwise it gets left behind! This superb unit is VERY tough, and VERY lightweight! At full stretch the three section legs, plus centre column give a really good standing height, and when it’s time to go, flip the Quick Locks to collapse right down to Gadget bag size! The Features: 3-Way Head very useful, as it allows photos in both portrait AND landscape directions, and for panoramas, Spirit levels in the Head AND Base provide an easy and accurate set-up. Quick Release Plate Another nice touch – this allows you to plug your equipment on and off the tripod in seconds without fiddling around. Geared Centre Column Fully variable, precise adjustment of head height, and even fully adjustable friction control for column stiffness- perfect for close-ups. Twin Level Precisely level your camera to any position – perfect for close-ups and video. 23mm Ali Legs For unusual angles they lock in ANY POSITION and 3 section bracing plus rubber anti slip feet make sure that even on very uneven ground the tripod can ‘dig in’ with stability. Utility Hook A really unusual fabulous feature- because the Tripod can tilt into a huge range of positions, plus, it can hold more than it’s own weight – you can hook your camera bag etc onto the tripod base to maximise stability. We have sold thousands of these Tripods for use with Digital Video Stills Cine Terrestrial Scopes and Binoculars to almost universally delighted customers – they really are VERY portable and EXTREMELY versatile

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