Lemix (NP95) Ultra Slim USB Charger for Fujifilm FUJI NP-95 / NP95 / FNP-95 / FNP95 Batteries and for Listed Fuji, Samsung, Olympus, Casio, Panasonic, Pentax/Ricoh & Kodak Models

  • For batteries: Fujifilm: NP-95 / NP95 (FNP-95 / FNP95) / NP-40 (FNP-40) / NP-60 (FNP-60) / NP-120 (FNP-120) // Samsung SLB-0737 SLB-0837 SLB-1037 SLB-1137 // Olympus LI-20B // Casio NP-30 // Panasonic S004E // Pentax D-LI2 D-LI7 D-LI8 // Ricoh DB-40 DB-43 // Kodak KLIC-5000 KLIC-5001 KLIC-7005 // Sanyo DB-L50A / Kyocera BP-1500S. Please carefully check original battery model before ordering.
  • For cameras: FUJIFILM FINEPIX F30 F30zoom F31 F31fd ~ FUJIFILM FINEPIX X30 X70 X100 X100S X100T X-S1 ~ FUJI W1 (real 3D W1) / Pentax Optio: A10 A20 A30 A40 T10 T20 W10 W20
  • Alternative to BC-65N charger
  • IMPORTANT: Batteries with very similar names may need different chargers. Similarly cameras / camcorders with very similar names may use different batteries. It is strongly recommended to check your original battery model before ordering.
  • Very compact, lightweight and convenient. The USB cable is supplied. Can be powered by a mains to your USB adapter, computer, power bank, or car USB. CE approved. Two year warranty. {2384-2384}


The Lemix® USB battery charger is exceptionally light, compact and convenient. A 45 cm (18 inch) USB cable is supplied. Charge your battery anywhere in the world using a USB mains adaptor, computer, car USB, car lighter to USB adaptor or USB powerbank.


A red light indicates that the battery is charging. This light will be green when no charge is being delivered.

Charging times depend on the battery capacity and the source. These are similar to mains chargers if using a 900 mA USB 3 source or a 1 mA output mains adaptor. This is about 2 hours for most compact camera batteries and about 4 hours for most SLRs and standard camcorder batteries. Expect proportionally longer if using an older 500 mA USB 1 or 2 source.


It is very easy to order the wrong charger or battery. A subtle difference in name can mean a different charger (e.g. Lemix NB2L charger for Canon G7 but NB13L for the G7X).

Although the listing of compatible camera /camcorder models has been carefully researched, please be aware that camera manufacturers do not provide this information to the suppliers of third party chargers and batteries.

It is therefore strongly recommended that you check the exact model of your original battery before ordering.

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MC 67mm UV Filter – Ultra Slim 16 Layers Multi Coated Ultraviolet Protection Lens Filter for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR Lens

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: 16 layers multi coated optical filter, 99% transmittance of our MC UV filter compares to 90% transmittance of normal UV filter. Protect your expensive lens from dust and scratch while not lowing your photo quality.
  • ULTRAVIOLET PROTECTION: Multi-coated glass blocks and prevents the harmful effect of UV rays and eliminates haze that can register a bluish cast from scenic shots.
  • ULTRA SLIM: only 3mm in depth, slim profile design ideal for wide angle lenses. A golden line on circle adds beauty to the filter and your DSLR camera.
  • GREATEST COST PERFORMANCE: Why buy those cheap, none coated, resin UV filters?
  • A MUST HAVE: Most popular protection filter for general and everyday use. Backed with waka’s 90 days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. NEED OTHER SIZES? CHECK PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BELOW!

Need Other Sizes?

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72mm: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01H1IZXIM
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UV filters are one of the most popular protection accessories for lenses. Nowadays most people use it everyday with their DSLR cameras to protect the lens from dust and scratch. Besides that, UV filters block and prevent the harmful effect of UV rays and eliminates haze that can register a bluish cast from scenic shots.


– Multi-coated UV filter works better than none coated filters. Having 16 layers multi coated on glass, the transmittance of our filter is up to 99% compares to only 90% of normal UV filter. You’ll have the UV filter mounted all the day, and you won’t want the low quality none coated UV filter damage your photo quality.
– Ultra slim design. Our MC UV filters is lightweight and ultra slim, makes it ideal for wide angle lenses.
– A golden thin line on outside of the filter circle adds beauty to the filter and your DSLR camera.
– Great Cost Performance. We’re here to deliver a high quality yet affordable MC UV filter to replace those cheap, non coated and resin UV filters on the market.

Package Contains:
– 67mm 16 layers MC UV filter x 1pcs;

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ZOMEI Ultra Slim HD 18 Layer Super Multi-Coated SCHOTT Glass PRO 10-stop ND 3.0 Neutral Density Gray ND1000 Lens Filter – 100mm x 100mm Square Z-PRO Series Filter (ND1000)

  • Double Thread, 18-Layer super anti-reflection multi-coated with EVERCLEAR 5(WATER REPELLENT / ANTI-OIL / ANTI-DUST / ANTI-SOIL / SCRATCH RESISTANT) Coating Technology to withstand almost any conditions.
  • 10 Stop Exposure, No Color Cast, Top Smooth finish on The Surface
  • Nearly zero distortion when light go through this HD filter. With only 2.3mm thickness and made with no compromise, this ND1000 might be the thinnest and the best in the world.
  • Original SCHOTT Glass from Germany, Compare B+W.
  • All Materials Used in this filter Meet the Requirements of European Union’s standards of Environ Ment Protection-ROHS(Restrictions on Hazardous Substances).

Neutral Density 3.0 (ND1000) Filters
These filters reduce the amount of light passing through the camera lens without changing the color of the scene. They are especially useful in bright light conditions to help prevent overexposure. Neutral Density filters also allow proper exposure at a wider lens opening for reduced depth-of-field to highlight a key subject by making the foreground and/or background out of focus.

Key Features
1.Double Side Anti-Reflection Coating, Super Water & Stain Resistant.
2.10 Stop Exposure, No Color Cast, Top Smooth finish on The Surface.
3.Made from original high quality Japanese optical HD glass and film.
4.All Materials Used in this filter Meet the Requirements of European Union’s standards of Environment Protection-ROHS(Restrictions on Hazardous Substances).
5.Works with any digital camera, for JPEG and RAW files certified performance and quality.
6.Allows slower shutter speeds to produce blurred motion effectsHigh quality
When you use these filters you need to use with a 4X4″ filter holder and a adapter ring that fit your lens diameter.

Package Include:
Neutral Density 3.0 (ND1000) Filter x 1

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