SODIAL(TM) 10X Microfibre Cleaning Cloth for Spectacles / Sunglasses, Camera lenses / CD’s, DVD’s, PDA’s, Computer Screens / iPhones, iPads Screens — 14CM x 14CM

  • Brand new 10 pieces of Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Comfortable, a little thick, they are excellent for: Cleaning Spectacles and Sunglasses, Camera lenses, CD’s, DVD’s, PDA’s, Computer screens and much more
  • Ultra-Fine Microfibre Cloth Attract, Lift And Hold Dirt, Dust And Grease With Just A Little Water
  • Approximate size: 140mm x 140mm
  • colour by random

* Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is an ideal solution for keeping your camera and lenses smudge-free.
* Made from a soft, lint-free material, this heavy-duty cloth features reinforced stitching along the edge for long-lasting performance.
* This cloth is 100% safe for all lenses, LCD screens, viewfinders, filters and other optics, and easily wipes away fingerprints, dust and smudges without scratching or smearing.
* And when it’s dirty, this cloth can be washed and dried repeatedly for years of use.
* This larger cloth can also be helpful for wrapping and storing photographic or other delicate items, helping to protect them from scratching whilst in transit etc.
* Machine wash warm and separately,Tumble dry low or air dry,No fabric softner,No bleach.
* Note: shake out a towel , then use.- For preventing scratch
* Package included: 10 x Microfiber Cleaners

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(12 Pack) Charm & Magic Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for All Type of Screens (12)

  • NEW PREMIUM MICROFIBER: it have the properties of strong detergency, high water absorbent and easy cleaning, these properties work together to finish to absorb dust, particle and liquid like Hepa Vac.
  • PORTABLE AND PRACTICAL: there will be here when needed, carry one in your pocket for using everywhere, everywhen.
  • GENTLER AND SAFE: the cleaning cloth completely clean your delicate valuable item up, and no scratches, streaks or marker.
  • WIDE APPLICATION RANGE: such as smartphones, ipad, glasses, camera lenses, jewelry, computer monitors, TV LCD screens, car interiors and so on.
  • PACKAGE AS PER REQUEST: each one piece microfiber cleaning cloth packed in one polyurethane plastic bag, and kept intact.

-New popular premium Charm & Magic microfiber clean cloth.

-Exquisite workmanship on cleaning cloth looks like so nice and feel so soft to use.

-Best material can not scratch and protect your precious smart electronic product.

-Easy to wash and carry to use.

12 Pack (10 black, 2 Grey) Cleaning Cloths 5.90 x 7.08 inches.

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6 Pack Your Choice Microfiber Cleaning Cloths For Eyeglasses,Camera Lens, Cell Phones, CD/DVD, Computers, Tablets, Laptops, Telescope, LCD Screens and Other Delicate Surfaces (6×7″, 2 Grey, 2 Black, 2 Blue)

  • MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH – Lint free, soft, reusable, easy to wash and quick drying
  • POCKET SIZE – 6x7inches(15x18cm), can easily fit in your pocket, eyeglass case or handbag and in anywhere you would need it for ready-use
  • SOFT MATERIAL – brings you an easy wiping-cleaning and keep your screens and delicate surfaces clear from smudge, fingerprints, oils or dust without any scratches, streaks or marks on the surfaces
  • VERSATILE – ideal for cleaning your consumer electronics, screens, lenses, glasses, watches, jewelry items and all delicate surfaces
  • PACKAGE – Each one comes individually packaged in plastic bag to keep the item clean and organized until you use it. 6 Pack(Black*2, Grey*2, Blue*2)

It’s always an annoyance that the screens or delicate surfaces covered with fingerprints, oils and smudges etc., but you can’t clean it clearly with common cloth or tissue, and even take the risk of damaging the valuable screens. That’s really disheartening.

Now, you may feel ease about it, cause you will get the best solution to wipe your annoyance with Your Choice Microfiber Cleaning Cloth!

● Constructed with Microfiber – Your Choice Microfiber Cleaning Cloth can absorb and trap the dirt from the screens and delicate surfaces effectively, and returning them clean and clear.

● Ultra-Soft and Lint-Free Material – Make it safe and easy to clean all your screens and delicate surfaces without leaving any scratches, marks or streaks. Helping increase the service life of your screens and delicate surfaces.

● Easy Wiping – Use it dry or with a little water, you can remove the fingerprints, smudges, oils, spots and dust easily. No need the cleaners or to rub hard.

● Very Versatile – It’s ideal for cleaning Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Cell Phones, Camera Lens, Laptops, Tablets, Computers, Watches, LCD/TV screens,CD/DVD,PS4,Xbox One, Jewelry and all delicate surfaces.

● East to Carry and Store – With its own neatly package and handy size, it’s convenient for you to have one in anywhere you would need it and keeping clear and organized until you use it.

● Eco-Friendly – Wash it with clean water or lukewarm water, no need the detergent. It’s reusable and durable.

● Care Tips for Long Lasting Value – Hand wash without detergent, let it air dry, avoid sun exposure and do not iron.

Your Choice Microfiber Cleaning Cloth will be also a thoughtful and practical gift for your family, friends and co-workers.
Enjoy your cleaning, enjoy the life!

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