Ewparts Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Lens Cover +Waterproof Dust Plug Charger Cover Repair Replacement (Silver)

  • 100 % Brand New Replacement Part
  • compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5 G900A G900T G900V G900P Camera Lens Cover+Dust Plug Gold Color
  • Gold & silver color available
  • Come with screw driver ,could easily replace your old or scratched camera lens
  • Without instruction book ,easy to install ( or you can follow a video on Internet to install it )

•Camera lens :Aluminum meterial ,100% OEM
•Dust plug cover :Plastic meterial ,100% OEM
•Can fix your Samsung Galaxy S5 within minutes
•Brand new, works with all S5 devices
•Come with screw driver ,you could easily replace your old scratched camera lens cover

Package included:
1 x Galaxy S5 camera lens cover
1 x Black glass lens
1 x adhesive sticker
1 x Galaxy S5 dust plug cover
1 x Plastic holder
1 x screw
1 x Screw Driver
1 x EWPARTS Cleaning cloth

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Ewparts True Glass Rear Camera Lens + Camera Cover Ring + Repair Tools Kits Replacement for Samsung Galaxy S7 /S7 Edge (All Carriers) (Black)

  • Quality : 100% brand new ,real glass Lens , hard aluminum cover ring
  • Compatible with : Samsung Galaxy S7 G930 (USA); G930F (Global); G930FD (Southeast Asia) /S7 Edge G935A (AT&T); G935P (Sprint); G935V (Verizon); G935T (T-Mobile); G935R (US Cellular) (All Carriers)
  • Brief Instruction: Remove battery cover –old camera lend cover with camera lens –clean the camera back–install camera lens glass on camera cover –install camera lens cover with camera glass–install battery cover .
    DO NOT forget to remove protective plastic FILM from the lens to avoid blurry effect.
  • Tools : included Basic tools for repair phones
    Tweezers–pick & install camera glass & camera lens
    Thick /weak pry pad –to open the battery cover
    Screw Driver — Reinforce/remove the screws
    Suction Cup : can be use to remove battery cover / LCD assembly
    Pry stick : remove battery
    Ewparts Cleaning cloth : Our logo on it , can be used to clean your phone front glass
  • Locked antistatic bag with “EWPARTS” LOGO cloth and Professional “EWPARTS” Instruction Book in it

Tips to remove battery cover :

1. Use the heat air gun ( if you dont have heat air gun , you can use a Hairdryer) preheat the round of the back cover .
2. Use Suction Cup suck in the back cover .
3. Use Triangle paddle to tilt the edge of back cover.
4. Lift the suction cup , remove the back cover .

Package including :

1 x True glass lens
1 x Camera ring
2 x Blue pry openers
1 x Suction Cup
1 x Plastic triangular Paddle
1 x Cross Screwdriver (1.5 x 30mm)
1 x EWPARTS Instruction Book
1 x high quality tweezer
1 x EWPARTS clean cloth

PS :The Camera lens set Only Compatible With Samsung Galaxy S7 & Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge .

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Mudder Back Rear Camera Glass Lens Cover Repair Part for Samsung Galaxy S5 SV G900A G900T G900V G900P

  • Lens made from real glass; Cover ring made from hard aluminum
  • Replacement your damaged camera lens; Turn your photos to vivid
  • Easy to install; But need to be careful
  • Don’t forget to remove protective plastic film from the lens to avoid blurry effect
  • Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy S5 I9600 G900 G900A G900V G900T G900P G900F G9005 (Fit for all models of Sanmsung GALAXY S5)

If your S5 camera lens fails to use, it will interfere with effect of taking photos. With this replacement accessories, you do not have to spend a lot of money on getting it repaired – you can easily do it yourself.

Product features:
Cover ring is made of metal that matches S5
Rear camera lens is made of glass that matches S5
Can fix your Samsung Galaxy S5 within 10 minutes
It works with all S5 devices

Package included:
1 x Rear Camera Glass Lens for Samsung Galaxy S5
1 x Rear Camera Metal Ring for Samsung Galaxy S5
1 x Adhesive

Notice: Do not forget to remove protective plastic film from the lens. No instructions provided with this replacement.

Lowest Price: £3.99
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