Magnetic Charging Cable for Sony Z3, Z3 Compact, Xperia Z Ultra XL39h, Z1 L39H, Z1, Z2, Z2A, and Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet(SGP511CN/B), 1.5 m USB Charging Cable with Led Light and Auto Adjustable Clamp

  • Upgraded Design — Adjustable Clamp and Magnetic Charging Port for secure grip and charging. Are you annoyed with loose contact of magnetic USB charging cable? Don’t worry! With double protection design, this magnetic USB charging cable with clamp will protect your phone or tablet from loose contact
  • Fast Charging — With input 5V/1.5A, it can faster and fully charge your phone or tablet if connected with original power adapter
  • Bullet Points Connector and LED Indicator — Designed with bullet points connector, it is compatible with Sony Xperia charging port. With LED indicator, you can easily recognize whether your device is fully charged or not
  • Top Quality — Adopted the third generation rare-earth permanent magnet (NdFeB) which has the strongest magnetism among contemporary magnets, it will attract your phone or tablet firmly
  • Strong Compatibility — It’s compatible with many Sony cell phones including Xperia Z Ultra XL39h, Z1 L39H, Z1, Z2, Z2A, Z3, Z3MINI and Sony tablets Xperia Z2 Tablet(SGP511CN/B), Xperia Z3

Built-in Top Quality Magnet, Designed with Auto Adjustable Clamp. The super strong magnetism and the auto adjustable clamp make it connect your phone tightly. And the rubbers integrated with clamp will protect your Sony cell phones or tablets from scratch. Strong Compatibility. Compatible with: Sony Cell phones: Xperia Z Ultra XL39h, Z1 L39H, Z1, Z2, Z2A, Z3, Z3MINI Sony Tablets: Xperia Z2 Tablet(SGP511CN/B), Xperia Z3. Fast Charging, Easy to Use. With magnetic port, it is easy to charge your cell phone or tablet. With input 5V/1.5A, it can be fully charged faster.

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