APEXEL HD Camera Lens Kit 5 in 1 Clip-On Iphone Lens 0.4X Wide Angle Lens + 198 Degree Fisheye Lens +12/24x Macro Lens + CPL lense with universal Clip for iPhone 7/6/6s iPad Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Huawei etc

  • 5 in 1 LENS KIT:The 0.4x super wide angle lens,198 degree fisheye,12X/24X macro and circular polarized lens(CPL) give you an array of shooting options to help you enhance your mobile photography.
  • GREAT VISION EFFECT:The 198°fisheye lens offers you a wide hemispherical and fantastic image instead square one.The 0.4X super wide-angle lens projects a substantially larger image circle than normal lens. Suitable for large group of people,landscape and building etc.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY:Each lens is made of coadted with thick,high-clarity glass and solid aluminum to increase the durability of the product,will giving you clear shots every time.
  • 2-in-1 DESIGN:12X/24X macro lenses in a 2 in 1 set-the two small lenses are screwed together upon arrival.To use 24x macro lens,attach both lenses together;to use the 12x macro lens,simply unscrew the 24x macro lens.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY:Easily clips onto your smartphone,it is suitable for iPhone 7, 6/6S PLUS,SE,HTC,Samsung,huawei P9 P10 and most smartphone,iPad, tablet PC etc.

APEXEL 5 in 1LENS KIT: included 0.4x super wide angle lens,198 degree fisheye,12X/24X macroand circular polarized lens(CPL) ,you can create many

stunning images,it makes you experience wonderful mobile phone photography.


0.4x Super Wide Angle Lens:
Visual presentation angle of wide-angle lens is 140 degrees. It expands shooting range. Limited space can be photographed into broader imaging nature.It is a good choice for large scenes.

198 degree Fish Eye Lens Works like anultra-wide angle lens. With it, your phone lens will capture rounded imagesinstead of square ones.

2in1 Macro lens The macro lens helps you discover and explore the the beauty of microscopic world.We adds a accurate transparent cap to the Macro Lens so as to save the trouble of focusing.Just place the cap of the lens on objects you want to shoot, you will get a stunning macro effect.

Circular polarized lens (CPL) The polarizing filter lens saturates colour without changing overall colour balance,cut down reflections fromnon-metallic surfaces such as water and glass.

When using macro lens to shoot, it’s normal to become blur at the begging. Youneed to put your smartphones very close to the object being photographed, onlyin this way, the mobile phones can be achieved focus.


Box contain:

1 x 198° fisheye lens

1 x 0.4x superwide lens

1 x 12x&24xmacro lens

1 x circularpolarized lens

1 x universalclip

1 x black pouch

1 x user manual

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