Flash Speedlight,K&F Concept® KF-882 Speedlite Flashgun Master Flash for Nikon D7100 D5100 D3100 D300 D90 D5200 D5000 D3000 D7000 D5300 D3200 D3300 D800 D700 D300S D610 D600 Digital SLR Cameras

  • KF-882 master flash speedlite, has TTL function, is designed for Nikon Camera, fits for most of Nikon DSLR Camrea
  • It can be used as a Master to control slave units in multi-flash setups using the built-in wireless (light-based) triggering system. Most often used for portraits but can be used to enhance foreground features in landscapes, to freeze motion in sports action or still life photography (table top or product shots).
  • Speedlites (small portable battery powered flashes) are used the same as any other flash – to provide light, either when there isn’t enough of it, or where it’s coming from the wrong direction or it’s ‘flat’ light (like an overcast day)
  • S1 mode: In this mode, it will work with the first flash sync of the master flash. To use this mode properly, the master flash should be set at manual flash and should not use the TTL flash system, pre-flash function and the red-reduction function with multiple flashes.
  • S2 mode: It is also called “pre-flash cancel mode”. This mode is similar with S1 mode, but it can neglect the pre-flash given by TTL flash. Therefore, it can support the master flash and sync with your internal flash.

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KF-882 Master Flash Speedlite Feature

• Circuit design : Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor(IGBT)

• Flash index : 58 (ISO 100,180mm)

• Flash coverage : 18~180mm ;Manual, Automatic Zoom ;Swinging/ Tilting flash head (bounce flash)

• Flash mode : TTL, M, FEB, Slave, S1, S2, Multi

• The wireless trigger : Wireless induction flash lighting

• The wireless cited flash distance : Indoor 20-30 meters;Outdoor 10-15 meters

• Slave Group and Unit : 4 Slave lommunication channels (1,2,3,4) 3 Slave unit group (A,B,C)

• Color temperature : 5500K

• Flash time : 1/200 seconds~1/20000 seconds

• Flash control : 1/128~1/1 step length is 0.3EV, Total 22 fine-tuning stalls

• Peripheral interface : Hot shoe, PC mount, External charge mount

• Recycle time : 2.9 seconds

• Power : 4 pcs AA alkaline cell or AA Nickel-Hydrogen(NI-MH) battery

• Lighting time : 100~1500 times

• Additional function : PC synchronous, Sniff mode, Over temperature protection

What’s in box

1X KF-882 Flash Speedlite
1X Mini stand
1X User Manual

NOTE:The flash light is only for the newest Nikon Version

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