A1techstore Genuine Original Camera Lens Cover Frame Replacement Part For Samsung Galaxy S5 G900 G900A G900F G900H i9600 + 8 PIECE TOOLKIT TOOL

  • Genuine Camera Lens Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Comes with 8 Piece Toolkit
  • Compatible with G900A G900 G900F G900H Neo G903 G901
  • Silver in Colour
  • Genuine Glass Lens, not cheap plastic

New (The lens we supply is the Genuine Original Glass one, not the plastic one others are supplying)Genuine Replacement Rear Camera Lens Cover & Frame for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Compatible Models: G900A G900 G901 G900F G900H Neo G903 Each Part also has the doubled sided adhesive aswell. Will Be Supplied with a 8 Piece Toolkit. 2 x Pry Tools 1 x Small Flat Screwdriver 1 x Small Philips Screwdriver 1 x Pentalobe Screwdriver 1 x Hard Pick tool 1 x Triangle Pry tool 1 x Suction Tool

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Mudder Back Rear Camera Lens Cover Ring Replacement + Adhesive + Screw + Screwdriver + Cleaning Cloth for Samsung Galaxy S5 SV I9600 G900 G900A G900V G900T G900P G900F G900H G900I (Silver)

  • Lens made from real glass, cover ring made from hard aluminum
  • Complete set camera lens replacement, provide screwdriver and 2 PCS spare screw
  • Easy to install, but need to careful
  • Don’t forget to remove protective plastic FILM from the lens to avoid blurry effect.
  • Compatible with: SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 I9600 G900 G900A G900V G900T G900P G900F G900R4 G900H G9001 G9005(Fit for all model of Sanmsung GALAXY S5)

Are you among the people who have Samsung Galaxy S5 ?

Having this replacement accessories, you do not have to spend a lot of money on getting it repaired – you can easily do it yourself. Provide screwdriver and 2 pcs spare screw, and careful aim the place, you can do it yourself.

•Cover ring, made of metal that matches the S5
•Rear camera lens, made of glass that matches the S5
•Can fix your Samsung Galaxy S5 within 10 minutes
•Brand new, works with all S5 devices
•Requires a small head screwdriver and 2 pcs spare screw (included)

Package included:
1 x Cellphone Rear Camera Glass Lens
1 x Cellphone Rear Camera Metal Ring
1 x Adhesive
1 x Screwdriver
2 x Screw
1 x Mudder Cleaning Cloth

Lowest Price: £4.99
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