BPS LP-E10 Battery 1200mAh Real High Capacity LP E10 Li-ion Battery for Canon EOS 1300D,Canon EOS 1200D,EOS 1100D, Kiss X70, Kiss X50, Rebel T5, Rebel T3Digital SLR Camera,Canon Battery Grip & Canon Battery Charger LC-E10E

  • LP-E10 rechargeable li-ion battery,7.4V 1200mAh 8.9Wh,replacement for Canon LP-E10 battery pack
  • Compatible with Canon EOS 1200D,EOS 1100D,EOS 1300D,Kiss X70,Kiss X50,Rebel T6,Rebel T5,Rebel T3 digital cameras,Canon battery grip & Canon battery charger LC-E10E
  • Built in high quality batteries & high quality IC chip,ensure to provide high quality power for a long service life & the safety
  • Fully decoded,no memory effect,show battery level in camera LCD,can be charged by original Canon battery charger
  • 3-years warranty by seller, CE approved & RoHS certified

BPS LP-E10 LP E10 LPE10 battery pack is a rechargeable Li-ion battery.
Top strong safety guarantee
Built in a high quality batteries,ensure to provide high quality power,long service life
Standard design from original factory 
high-quality lithium-ion battery
The shell is made from flame resistance with abrasive resistance
high stability, reliability, capability and longer standby time
Fast charging speed, no memory effect, convenient and quick
Elaborate precise decoding to protect the circuit board
Having defensive function to detect overcharge, discharge and overcurrent
Equilibrating the inside cells charging and discharging
Fit for
(1)Canon Digital Cameras
Canon EOS 1100D Digital Camera 
Canon EOS 1200D Digital Camera 
Canon EOS 1300D Digital Camera 
Canon EOS Kiss X50 Digital Camera 
Canon EOS Kiss X70 Digital Camera 
Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital Camera 
Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital Camera 
Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital Camera 
(2)Canon Battery Charger 
Canon LC-E10E LC-E10 Battery Charger
1x LP-E10 Battery for Canon Digital Camera EOS 1200D EOS1300D and so on

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LP-E8 USB Dual Charger + 2x Super High Power Battery for Canon EOS 700D,EOS 650D,EOS 600D,EOS 550D Digital SLR Camera,Canon Battery Grip BG-E8,Canon Battery Charger LC-E8E (USB Dual Battery Charger + 2x Battery)

  • Charge TWO Batteries simultaneously and rapidly. Greatly save your time.
  • Much More Charging Options: Unlike traditional mains charger, TOP-MAX® charger can charge with a USB wall charger, car charger, external battery, laptop etc. Rapidly and fully charge your battery within 1-1.5 Hours.
  • Forever charge your battery, NOT only at home and in car. With Common micro-USB input, you can recharge your battery wherever and whenever. You will always have a working camera to capture all the important and happy moments on your trips, never worried about running out of power. Perfect for Travel.
  • Show exactly how much the battery has been charged and help you predict when charging finishes. A traditional charger with LED Light can never do this for you.
  • CE approved and RoHS certified. 3 Year Warranty (Please make sure the output of your device is 2A or more if you want to charge TWO batteries simultaneously using this charger.)

Box Contains:

1 x USB Dual Charger
1 X USB Cable
2 X Battery

Format: Lithium Ion
– Capacity: 1180 mAh
– Voltaje: 7.2 V Charger Voltage:
Input: 5V, 2A
Output: 8.4V 600mA*2
High quality and performance charger designed to charge
batteries quickly and safely
Smart LED charging status indicator
Short circuit protection

work with:

– EOS 550D
– EOS 600D
– EOS 650D
– EOS 700D
– EOS Kiss X4
– EOS Kiss X5
– EOS Kiss X6i
– EOS Kiss X7i
– EOS Rebel T2i
– EOS Rebel T3i
– EOS Rebel T4i
– EOS Rebel T5i

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