Polaroid Snap and Wrap Flexi Color Tripod with 360° Rotating Ball Head – Flexible Vertebrae-Like Legs & Rubberized Feet for Endless Conforming Ability & Sure Grip

  • This smaller-sized pro-grade tripod measures approximately 12″ tall
  • 3 independently flexible legs feature perpendicular, freemoving joints
  • Super grippy COLOR rubber rings hold onto poles, countertops, shelves
  • Rotating rubberized feet enhance image stability in any shooting position
  • Freely rotating, lockable ball head; soft pad-covered camera platform

Reliable Tripod with Fun Alter Ego
At its core, the Polaroid Snap Wrap Flexi COLOR Tripod is a fully functional good old camera tripod. It enables you to shoot photos and video with increased stability and reduced camera shake. But try putting it through its paces and you’ll soon discover that this tripod is so much more than a simple ‘camera shelf’. In truth, the tripod’s three legs – with their vertebrae-like joints that are arranged to flex perpendicularly to one another – can more accurately be described as spines. These provide an unprecedented level of control when it comes to positioning your camera for the optimal shot in every situation.

Gets a Grip and Never Lets Go
Each tripod leg also sports 6 colorful rubber rings wrapped around its joints. These are particularly useful in shooting situations that traditional tripods can’t even contemplate. Imagine flexing the legs so they actually wrap around a boom pole, a chair armrest, a vehicle exhaust pipe, or any other creative application you can put your mind to. The rings then serve to secure the tripod in place and stabilize your camera for whatever wild ride you have planned. For more ‘everyday’ shooting, the rubberized feet feature a rotating design to offer enhanced camera and image stability even on uneven surfaces.

Easily Connects to Most Cameras
The actual tripod mount offers much the same as any better camera tripod does: a removable circular platform with a soft pad to protect your camera from scratches, a freely rotating and pivoting ball head, and screw-in locks for both the head and the mount.

Connecting is as easy as 1-2-3:
1 Turn mount lock counter clockwise to loosen and remove mount.
2 Screw mount into your camera until tight and reinsert into tripod.
3 Rotate into preferred position, and turn lock clockwise to tighten.

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