Fomito 5pieces 3/8″ Double Screw Flash Light Stand Hot Shoe Adapter DSLR Camera Tripod Mount Screw

  • This adapter permits the devices with standard 3/8″ screw hole to be installed on flash hot shoe slot.
  • It can be used as a Monitor Bracket or adapt anything else that has a 3/8 receptacle
  • The bottom of this adapter connect to the camera hot shoe, the top part of it is a 3/8 threaded spud
  • Material: Anodized aluminum metal
  • Color: Black,Brand Name:Fomito

This adapter can connect Hot Shoe to 3/8″ screws.
This adapter have two nut and the nuts are removable.
This adapter can pile up two cameras.

Material: Anodized Aluminum
* Place of Origin : Guangdong China (Mainland)
* Model Number :3/8
* Material : Metal
* Design : Double Lock up and down
* Boundary dimension : 18mm x 18mm x 27mm
* Color : Black

Suitable For :
* Camera / Flahs / Tripod / Flash Light Stand and so on.

Package includes:
* 5 x Hot Shoe Adapter 3/8 Double Screw
* 1 x Cleaning Cloth

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