BPS Photography Continuous Soft Box Lighting Kit Photo Video Studio Control Separately 15 x Lamps 2850W 3 x20″x28″/50x70cm Softboxes + 15 x 190W 5400k Daywhite Bulbs + 3 x E27 5-Socket Light Heads + 2 x 2m adjustable Light Stand + 2.8m Boom Light Stand Support + Boom Arm + Carry Bag

  • 【Control Free Light Head】Light heads equipped with fuse,avoid the short circuit fire danger,made of ceramic integrates heat-resistant,@each lampholder has a switch for each bulb@ on the back offering the ultimate in versatility regarding the strength of light for each softbox
  • 【15x190W Light Bulbs】5 x 38W bulb(equals to 190W regular incandescent) in each softbox give harmonious lighting, reduce the extreme highlights and sharp shadows which would be produced from direct lights,E27 socket,5400K, pure white daylight provide ideal & natural light colour temperature for photography
  • 【High-Quality Soft Box】50 x 70cm(20″ x 28″)softbox constructed with a highly reflective inner surface and a photography grade white diffuser to create a natural diffused light,the white diffuser can be removed from the softbox if a direct floodlight effect is desired
  • 【Strong but Light-weight Stand】2x 200cm light stand + 76cm – 280cm light suooport + 72cm – 130cm boom arm support,constructed from aluminum alloy,giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work.tripod Section diameter 25.2mm/22.2mm/19.3mm & 29/25/22/19mm & 16mm/14mm/14mm,Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use
  • 【Boom Arm with Sandbag】Boom Arm Kit with sandbag can be integrated perfectly with any additional studio light stand to make a hair light boom stand in order to eliminate shadow or glares.Carrying Bag ensure your studio kit when not in use is properly protected from dirt,moisture,dust and damage.

This is a professional continuous Softbox with 5 individual controlled lightings from BestDeal-UK
More flexible and more convenient to provide suitable brightness for an object or a person as well as filming for online retailers and commercial product catalog
The kit is suitable for both beginners and professionals shooting in studios and on-site locations.

2X 2m Light stand + 1X 2.8M big light stand:
– Material: Aluminum alloy
– Construction: collapsible
– Maximum Loading Weight: 7.5KG
– 2M light stand is 0.8 to 2m, providing fast precision height adjustments
-2.8M stand is 0.8 to 2.8m with three clip locks which is to be used with the boom arm light.
BPS 38W Light bulb
– Model: E27
– Color temperature: 5400k
– Lifetime: 10000 hours
– Ra>90
3*BPS Five Heads Softbox
– Size: 50x70cm
– Black outside,Uniform particle surface.Make light more evenly and soften
– With outer diffuser cover provide soft and average light for reducing over-exposure and hot spots as well as removing ugly shadows.
3* (Five Heads) Light Holders
– Individual switch control on each bulb
– E27 socket
– fits E27 screw bulbs, with eight-hole slots can be also inserted octagonal softbox. Also, it can be adjusted to any angles with the handle design
Boom Arm
– Telescopic Boom Arm with 2 sections extending from 75cm to 138cm
– Nut lock for boom arm with 8 different diameter holes for different size stands and boom arms if needed.
– Nut lock can be rotated to give different angles.
3 x BPS 950W Continuous Head Unit(Five Heads)
15 x BPS 38W Fluorescent Bulbs
3 x Soft boxes (50cmx70cm) UK plug only
2 x 200Cm Lighting Stands
1 x 280cm Light stand
1 x Boom arm(with sandbag)
1 x Carry Bag

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