Cokin P452 52mm TH0.75 Adapter

  • The A/P adaptor lets you use “A” Series filters with a “P” holder.
  • It is therefore not necessary to buy “P” filters if you already own equivalent “A” filters
  • Vignetting may nevertheless occur at focal lengths under 35 mm
  • Fits to standards 52 mm threaded lens ring
  • Suitable for SLR & Bridge-type Cameras, Medium Format Cameras, Camcorder and Video Cameras, HDV Cameras

This Cokin 52mm Adapter Ring (with 0.75mm pitch thread) is specifically designed to attach Cokin’s P series filter holder to lenses with a 52mm filter thread.

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Marumi DHG Super Lens Protect 52mm Filter

  • Digital high grade lens protect filter
  • Marumi protector filters do not cause any colour casts
  • High quality optical glass to give maximum optical performance

Marumi Digital High Grade filters have been specially designed with Digital Photography in mind. Each filter uses a specially developed ultra-low reflection coating to minimize internal reflection off the cameras built-in CCD and cmOS sensors. Other anti-reflect features include a special slim frame with satin smooth finish and a black ink process on the glass edge to eliminate flare. Marumi DHG Super Lens Protection filters incorporate the same features as the Digital High Grade range plus 2 additional benefits:

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Marumi DHG 330 52mm Achromat Lens

  • The lens is made from materials of different refractive indexes, constructed in such a way as to minimize chromatic aberration (which in a single lens causes coloured fringes around images because the lens diffracts the different wavelengths in white light to slightly different extents).
  • Marumi Achromat Macro filters are designed to shorten the focusing distance of your lens and to enhance its macro mode capabilities with outstanding clarity. If your lens already has a macro mode, Achromat will increase and enhance it, allowing for even greater magnification.
  • This Filter are manufactured to the highest standard and feature ultra low reflection coating and are mounted in specially designed rings which feature a low reflection satin like finish.

Achromat Macro Lenses Grade +3(330) The 330 Achromat gives a magnification factor of +3 and as such will give a macro facility on a standard lens. It will also enhance the performance and capability when used in conjunction with a macro lens. Digital Cameras CCD andcmOS sensors convert light into electronic signals. For this reason, on certain occasions, lenses produce inner reflection, flare, ghosting and other phenomenon which can result in poor quality images. Marumi Achromat lenses are specially designed not to interfere with camera CCD´s andcmOS sensors. They are designed for use with Digital SLR cameras. Each lens has a special ultra-low reflection coating. This coupled with a black outer edge on the lens significantly reduces glare, ghost imaging and over exposure. Achromat lenses are available for all Digital SLR camera lenses and are ideal for macro photography-jewellery, nature, small electronics etc. Marumi Achromat lenses are a product of Japanese optical technology and expertise and produce really excellent edge to edge clarity.Availabel sizes:Marumi DHG Achromat Macro Lens 330 (+3) 49mm (DHG330ACH49)Marumi DHG Achromat Macro Lens 330 (+3) 52mm (DHG330ACH52)Marumi DHG Achromat Macro Lens 330 (+3) 55mm (DHG330ACH55)Marumi DHG Achromat Macro Lens 330 (+3) 58mm (DHG330ACH58)Marumi DHG Achromat Macro Lens 330 (+3) 62mm (DHG330ACH62)Marumi DHG Achromat Macro Lens 330 (+3) 67mm (DHG330ACH67)Marumi DHG Achromat Macro Lens 330 (+3) 72mm (DHG330ACH72)Marumi DHG Achromat Macro Lens 330 (+3) 77mm (DHG330ACH77)…Contact us if you need more help.

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