Zacro Professional 14-in-1 Camera Cleaning Kit for Optical Lens and Digital SLR Cameras Canon Rebel EOS, Nikon, Olympus, Sony Alpha NEX, iPad,Samsung NX & Fuji DSLR

  • Keep your camera clean and in pristine condition
  • Lens cleaning pen on two sides. Empty Reusable Fluid Spray Bottle is without cleaning fluid.
  • All-round cleaning tool:14 in 1 to meet your needs in every respect
  • Air blower is perfect for cleaning delicate lenses and camera elements
  • APS-C sensor cleaning swab designed for standard APS-C Camera sensor

Double sided Lens Cleaning Pen: One Side is dust removal brush and other side is a special non-liquid cleaning element, designed to never dry out.
Empty Reusable Fluid Spray Bottle: Fill with water or your favorite cleaning solution.
Air Blower: Direct a powerful stream of air to blow away dirt.
Lens Brush: Perfect for cleaning all optical items.
This cleaning tissue is a premium, lightweight, disposable lintless tissue.
White microfiber Cleaning Cloths: For convenient in-the-field cleaning.
APS-C sensor cleaning swab 16mm


1. Clean your camera on a regular basis effectively remove dust and other dirt which increases camera’s useful life.
2. Make sure your camera’s battery is fully charged before your sensor cleaning process to avoid low power reflector turn back to cause damage.
3. One swipe in each direction. The swabs are not reusable.
4. Do not use sensor cleaner in extreme temperature. It works the best in room temperature.
5. Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat or play with it!

Package included:

1 x Double sided Lens Cleaning Pen
1 x Empty Reusable Fluid Spray Bottle (without cleaning fluid)
1 x Air Blower
1 x Lens Brush
2 x 25 Sheet Pack of Lens Tissues
4 x White microfiber Cleaning Cloths
2 x APS-C sensor cleaning swab 16mm
1 x Zacro microfiber Cleaning Cloths
1 x Tweezers

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