RPGT® Continuous Dual Lighting Kit with 80W 5500K Photo Lamp 84cm White Umbrella Light Stand Light Holder

  • The complete lighting kit would be a good addition for your shooting. Great for both video filming and photo taking.
  • These high-output daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs are ideally suited for digital photography. They also have very low heat so they don’t get hot like the more common photo bulb choices.

White Umbrella Kit:

Light stand height: 680mm-2000mm, maximum load 3.5kg, not included 1/4 thread

80W lamp, 5500K, E27 UK plug, Ra>82, lifetime>8000 hours 

Single lamp holder: 110/220V, Swivels in all directions, Umbrella holder slot is included

White soft light umbrella: Material: nylon, 33.5” /84cm


1.Set up the light stand: Keeps the light stand’s three legs the longest distance, the crossbar level to the horizontal, such setting will perfectly hold your lighting kit.
2.Mount the single lamp holder on the light stands and adjust the angle you want:
3.Open the white umbrella and stick it to the lamp holder’s hole:


2 x lamp holder

2 x Lighting stand

2 x White umbrella 

2× Pure White Daylight Bulbs

Lowest Price: £39.86
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