NiSi V5 Lens Cap (to protect CPL Built-in V5 )

  • It’s easy to protect the Built-in CPL V5 or the new V5 Landscape Polariser with this lens cap.
  • No need to put off the CPL after use it and no need to remove your 82mm adaptor ring + CPL, leave it mounted and the cap will protect it from scratches and dust.
  • If you don’t use the CPL you can mount it even without, it applies directely on the 82mm adaptor.
  • The lens cap is attached to the polarizer adapter, not the square filter holder

If you are walking from a location to another and you don’t want to remove the CPL and the 82mm but also want to protect your gear, the NiSi V5 lens cap is what you need to be sure that everything is well protected and mounted on the lens ready for the next shot.

Lowest Price: £7.59
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