Cokin P Series Full ND Filter Kit

  • ND2 filter (P152) with 1-stop density
  • ND4 filter (P153) with 2-stop density
  • ND8 filter (P154) with 3-stop density
  • Filter holder and adaptor rings not included
  • P152 FilterP153 FilterP154 Filter

Cokin P Series Full ND Kit: ND2 + ND4 + ND8 For long exposure photography. This kit gives you all the control over exposure and shutter speed for stunning effects. This kit includes: • 1x ND2 filter – 1 f-stop • 1x ND4 filter – 2 f-stops • 1x ND8 filter – 3 f-stops (Adaptor ring and filter-holder sold separately)

Lowest Price: £31.83
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