9H Tempered Glass Camera Lens & Flash Protector For Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

  • Tempered Glass Camera Lens and Flash Lens protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.
  • 9H Hardness, Anti Scratch, Ultra Thin 0.2mm, Finger Print Resistance, Ultra Clear.
  • Genuine Quality Komponentz Repair Part
  • Free Royal Mail 1st Class Postage
  • Fast Dispatch within 24 Hrs on weekdays

New Tempered Glass protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Camera and Flash lens.

Includes :
1x Wet/Dry cleaning wipes 
1x Dust Remover and Guide Stickers 
1x Camera Lens Tempered Glass 
1x Flash Lens Tempered Glass 

Features :
9H Hardness Toughened Tempered Glass.
Protect your camera lens from scratches. 
Ultra Clear and Thin (0.2mm).  (Due to the thinness, these items are not rigid and do have some flexibility that may appear like plastic.  Please see photograph ‘Real Tempered Glass’ showing that they are glass items that do crack when flexed too far)
Does not affect the quality of your photographs. 
Easy to install and long lasting. 

Installation Guide :
1. Clean your camera glass and flash lens using the supplied wet and dry wipes.
2. Remove any dust with the Dust absorber sticker.
3. Position the camera lens tempered glass with the number 7 marking facing towards you.
4. Place a guide sticker over the middle of the tempered glass and gently peel away the excess tempered glass leaving just the lens shape.
5. Use the guide sticker to align the tempered glass into place over your camera lens. Press down into place once aligned.
6. Gently remove the guide sticker, leaving your tempered glass installed in place.
7. Repeat for the flash lens.
8. Give a final clean using the Wet/Dry wipes.

Please note it is critical that you do not touch the rear of the protector as oils from your fingertips will prevent the adhesive from working.

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