(12 Pack) Charm & Magic Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for All Type of Screens (12)

  • NEW PREMIUM MICROFIBER: it have the properties of strong detergency, high water absorbent and easy cleaning, these properties work together to finish to absorb dust, particle and liquid like Hepa Vac.
  • PORTABLE AND PRACTICAL: there will be here when needed, carry one in your pocket for using everywhere, everywhen.
  • GENTLER AND SAFE: the cleaning cloth completely clean your delicate valuable item up, and no scratches, streaks or marker.
  • WIDE APPLICATION RANGE: such as smartphones, ipad, glasses, camera lenses, jewelry, computer monitors, TV LCD screens, car interiors and so on.
  • PACKAGE AS PER REQUEST: each one piece microfiber cleaning cloth packed in one polyurethane plastic bag, and kept intact.

-New popular premium Charm & Magic microfiber clean cloth.

-Exquisite workmanship on cleaning cloth looks like so nice and feel so soft to use.

-Best material can not scratch and protect your precious smart electronic product.

-Easy to wash and carry to use.

12 Pack (10 black, 2 Grey) Cleaning Cloths 5.90 x 7.08 inches.

Lowest Price: £5.99
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