Walimex Pro 650-1300/8-16 CSC MFT white

  • compatible with cameras with Micro-Four-Thirds mount, super Telezoom with T2 connection, ideal for animal photography
  • can be used with aperture priority and manual exposure setting, with the help of the stable tripod mounting bracket the lens can be fastened to a tripod at an ideal balance point
  • closest focusing distance of only 5 metres, manual and internal focusing, tip: doubling of the focal distance with optional 2x Converter T2 (1300-2600mm)!
  • with the adapters we supply, this lens can be used with many other cameras: Canon EOS, FD, Nikon AF/MF, Olympus OM, 4/3, micro 4/3, Minolta AF, MD, Pentax, Leica R/SL, Praktica M42, Samsung, Sony A
  • includes: 1x Walimex Pro 650-1300/8-16 Telezoom incl. high-quality storage bag, 1x T2 adapter for micro 4/3

When using on digital cameras (e.g. Olympus E-P1, Panasonic DMC-GH 1K and Panasonic DMC-G 1K) a SUPERTELE with an equivalent focal distance of 1300-2600mm results due to the extension of the focal distance by 2.0! (Or rather 2600-5200mm with optional 2x converter)

The walimex Telezoom Lens has an unusually long focal distance range of 650-1300mm at a speed of 1:8.0-16 (depending on focal distance). The sturdy metal casing and the high-quality coated glass lenses ensure a good image quality. The internal focusing (i.e. the front lens does not turn while focusing) enables the unproblematic use of polarising and graduated filters. With the help of the sturdy tripod mount ring the lens can be fastened to a tripod with an optimised balance point (because of the long focal distance we recommend the use of a tripod in order to achieve vibration-free exposure). With a comparatively short closest focusing distance of only 5 metres, the lens enables a sensational magnification at 1300mm. Focusing takes place manually. The lens can be used with aperture priority and manual exposure setting. Thanks to the easy handling, the lens is also especially suitable for beginners.

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Walimex Pro AE 8mm 1:3.5 Fish-Eye Lens for Nikon

  • suitable for: Nikon D7200, D810A, D5500, D750; D810, D4S, D3300, Df, D5300, D610, D7100, D5200, D600, D3200, D800E, D800
  • suitable for Nikon-F-Bajonett, with chip for transmitting EXIF data to camera, e.g., f-stop, ISO data, shutter speed, etc., with built-in lens hood
  • please note: When using a full-frame camera, the image section has to be adjusted in post-Processing, manual focusing, high-grade optical and mechanical quality
  • ideal for shoots in narrow spaces, awesome and unique perspective with high depth of field, shutter blind, multi-coated glass lenses
  • includes: 1x Walimex Pro 8/3.5 Fisheye for Nikon F with convenient lens bag and Protective caps

Walimex pro 3,5/8 mm N/AF for Nikon Fish-Eye

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Walimex Pro Gear Ring Follow Focus 52-86 Lens

  • spare gear ring for lenses with a diameter of 52-86mm
  • fits all follow focus systems that support the industrial standard Mod 0.8
  • Length: approx. 36cm


Made of durable material.
Adjustable and flexible.
Pretty easy to use.
Special used for follow focus.


Non-Slip design.
Smooth design is no harm to your camera.
Gear Module: Film industry standard 0.8 thread
Total Length: Approx. 36cm
100% Brand New
Color: Black

Suitable for:

Any lens with diameter from Approx 52mm to 86mm
All the standard follow focus.

Package Includes:

1X Adjustable Gear Ring Belt
(The camera and other accessories are not included)

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