Premium Floating Hand Grip for Gopro Hero 4, Session, Black, Silver, Hero+ LCD, 3+, 3, 2, 1 / Hollow Interior for Storage of Small Items / Textured Silicone Covering on Handle for Easy Grip / Thumbscrew and Lanyard Included

  • KEEP YOUR GOPRO AFLOAT IN THE WATER: Whether you take your camera into the ocean or pool intentionally, or it falls in by accident, the Premium Floating Hand Grip by CamKix will keep your action cam floating on the surface.
  • BRIGHT COLOR IS EASILY SPOTTED: The Floating Hand Grip will float straight up out of the water, its bright color will make it easy to spot making it perfect for taking on snorkeling or scuba trips in the ocean.
  • WATERTIGHT SCREW CAP REVEALS HOLLOW INTERIOR: The cap on the bottom of the Floating Hand Grip can be unscrewed to reveal a hollow compartment in which small items can be stored. Alternatively you can add water to the compartment so the Floating Hand Grip can achieve neutral buoyancy underwater.
  • TEXTURED SILICONE HANDLE FOR EXTRA GRIP: The silicone covering will make it easier to keep hold of your Floating Hand Grip , especially when used in wet conditions.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ACCESSORY FOR USE ON LAND OR IN THE WATER: The Floating Hand Grip is very light and compact so is very easy to carry in a bag or case. It can be used both on land and in water as a hand grip to help you achieve steady video footage.

Concerned About Losing Your GoPro in the Water?

The CamKix Premium Floating Hand Grip Will Keep Your Action Cam Afloat So You Can Swim or Dive Worry Free!

The Floating Hand Grip will lift your GoPro (and housing) to the surface of the water and float straight up so it can be easily spotted.

The bottom of the Floating Hand Grip features a watertight cap which can be unscrewed to reveal a hollow compartment. This compartment can hold small objects such as thumbscrews, mounts, keys, or cash. It is also possible to add an amount of water to the Floating Hand Grip and allow it to achieve neutral buoyancy in the water, so you can shoot hands-free below the surface.

The textured silicone covering on the handle of the Floating Hand Grip provides extra grip, especially in wet conditions. It is very easy to hold it in your hand and shoot steady footage on land or in the water.

One Year Money Back Guarantee – We Value Your Satisfaction

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1 x CamKix Premium Floating Hand Grip
1 x Thumbscrew
1 x Lanyard
Please note: Thumbscrew and lanyard are packaged inside the floating hand grip.

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iGadgitz Lightweight Small Universal Flexible Foam Mini Tripod for Compact Cameras – Black

  • iGadgitz small mini tripod with 1/4 inch screw thread for Digital Compact Cameras.
  • 3 Flexible legs allow you to secure your camera almost anywhere providing a range of shooting angles
  • Lockable ball-and-socket joint gives quick 360 degree adjustability
  • Rubber feet for stable positioning. Compact, lightweight and folds up for easy storage
  • Only 17.5cm in height. Can support maximum weight of 275g. If your camera and lens weigh more than this we recommend the large version of this tripod – search for B00ZIOHZP6

The iGadgitz small flexible mini tripod lets you position your camera almost anywhere to help you capture the perfect shot. Completely flexible and versatile, it simply & securely fastens to your camera in seconds.

Featuring flexible leg joints that bend and rotate in all directions so you can wrap it securely to or on just about anything. Wrap it around poles, posts, railings, branches, rocks and much more

Rubber feet grips provide enhanced stability on uneven surfaces. The tripod fits easily in your camera bag without adding noticeable weight – it weighs just 68g with height of 17.5cm only!

Whether you’re taking a shot of you and your friends whilst camping or lining up the next landscape whilst walking, you’ll be happy you have this handy little tripod close at hand.

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CamLink CL-QR25 tripod accessory – tripods accessories (Plastic, Rubber, Black)

This is the Camlink Tripod Quick Release Plate for CL-TP2500/2800 Tripod [CL-QR25]

The Camlink Tripod Quick Release Plate for CL-TP2500/2800 Tripod (CL-QR25) is a quick release plate with 1/4 inch pin. Mount and unmount your camera on your tripod head in one easy movement. Fit the Camlink CL-TP2500 and CL-TP2800 Tripods.

Size of mount: 1/4” screw
Material: plastic and rubber
Color: black
Dimensions: 64x40x20mm

Colour Black
Material Plastic Rubber
Size of Mount 1/4 inch screw


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